Bob's eulogy is written by his cousin, Karen Lasinskas, who could not be present at the funeral but contributed comforting words from afar. Karen inspired Bob's words as much as Bob inspired Karen's words.

A Tribute to my Cousin Robert

Written by Karen Lasinskas


Several months ago, I had the honor and privilege of re-connecting with my cousin Robert over a delightful meal not far from his home in South Lyon.

I couldn’t help but notice the absolute joy and happiness that radiated from this amazing individual, who, despite his many challenges, moved on with such fortitude as an inspiration to others! Our visit with family was lovely as always, and what a treat it was to meet dear Katie. Our interaction left me with a sense of warmth and overwhelming love for this incredible family. 

In our faith journey, there are pivotal moments that make us pause, reflect, and perhaps alter our paths as we strive to follow God’s way. Meeting Robert and his supportive family was such a moment for me. Our email interchanges after our visit were forthright, sincere, and honest. Robert conveyed many words of wisdom that I read and re-read, even to this day.


The following words from Bob are a gift he leaves for all of us:

I do not consider myself a strong or inspirational person.

 I do know that this 'situation' has awakened me.

It has made so beautifully clear what is important in our lives; our relationships with family, friends, and God.

And what I have realized is how blessed I am to have such great people in my life who truly care about me.

That gives me strength and allows me to have some understanding of my purpose.

I want to help my family and friends understand what is important also.

Not to focus on what they don't have, but what they do have.

I have never questioned God as to why he gave this to me. At least I try not to question Him. I am not scared to finally be with Him.


In closing, I, too, ask many questions as to the twists and turns our paths take in this life journey. I cannot imagine Robert’s hardships, both physically and emotionally, and yet he soldiered on, making such an incredible difference to so many. Be grateful for your own 'awakening' as many live a lifetime without this gift. Robert kept his focus on the end goal of eternal peace, and we can now remember the profound effects Robert has had on the many lives that were fortunate enough to cross his path. .

We all leave this earth in the same way, but it is the Holy Spirit that knows no end, that helps up to move on, that makes some sense of it all. May we all try to live life with strength, compassion and clarity for that in life that truly matters – family, friends, and our faith. May we count our many blessings, now and always, and live our lives in tribute to Robert.