'Twas the Night before Thanksgiving...

When my sister in law, Karen and brother in law, Jon, approached me about a web site I thought it was a great idea.  To help keep my family and friends updated on my health.  I asked to have a blog to let everyone share in my inspirational thoughts.  Well the web site has been up for several months now, very successful, and the only thing I realized is how uninspired a writer I am. I have tried but always rewrote or hated the tone after starting over multiple times. I kept thinking this blog would be my legacy and describe who I was long after I was gone. What pressure. Then just last week Karen and I were talking and she brought up the lack of blogging. I told her about my writers block and she laughed saying a blog can be about anything on my mind. Something that bugged me today or made me happy. No shit! For those of you that really know me, that was music to my ears. I have no problem talking about stuff, mostly with some embellishment. Sometimes borderline bull. So starts Bob's blog. 

Since I have so much catching up to do I will hit some really important high points, things that really meant a lot to me.  One thing I hope to impress on everyone is even though I got dealt a crappy hand, I found out how many people care about me and my family.  And that out pouring of support has carried me, Katie and the boys over the really bad spots.  And I have realized how lucky and blessed I am.  Some people never get this realization.  I hadn't.  And I believe part of the reason this happened was to help people I love think about what they have and not focus on what they don't have.  

There are 3 very special events that helped show me how caring people can be.  2 have already occurred and the third one is this Friday.  

Now you have to remember I was diagnosed in July and the first event occurred in September.  So August will be for another blog. Tough month.

Katie's brother, Craig and his wife Kathy organized my fraternity reunion at their house.  See I met Katie thru Craig who was an SAE brother at GMI.  The party was not set up as 'brother big Bob has a ALS' but a pure reunion.  The unbelievable part was some brothers came from along ways away.  We have tried this in the past but it was so hard with everyone living their lives.  But this time was different.  Guys committed from all over the country.    All three of my junior/senior year room mates came, with the closest on the west side of the state and furthest from Ireland.  A good part of the guys I hadn't seen since graduation.   It was an awesome afternoon of old stories and hearing about new lives.   Both Zach and Ryan were there and got to see how group of college kids could remain such good friends for almost 30 years.   As we were leaving Katie made a comment in the car that described everything perfectly "my heart is full." Thanks Craig and Kathy.  And thanks to all my brothers.  Phi Alpha. 

The second event was started by a really good family friend.  As well as a lot of other people who helped to make the ALS Michigan walk at the Zoo a complete success.  In just 3 short weeks Bob's Angels outnumbered and out donated every other team.  It was so emotional to see everyone support my family and me.   I cried a lot that day because it just touched my heart so deeply.   So many of both Katie's and my family and friends were there.  The weather held off for not only the walk but also the BBQ after.   I was really nervous to attend the walk.  I didn't sleep the night before.  During this time period I didn't like to see, read or hear about the disease.  To be around other people with ALS reminded me of what was to come.  But again the people at the walk made see how lucky we were.  I don't remember once feeling scared.  Only an extreme feeling of love.  I relive that day a lot to remember that feeling.  Thank you to everyone that was there in person or thought.  

That leaves the third major event which is scheduled for this Friday.   It is very appropriately scheduled after Thanksgiving.  I will update my blog afterwards.  But I want to ask everyone to pay special attention, this Thanksgiving, to what you have.  Love Bob